IHOP or IHOb? Curry Architects Branded Concepts Studio Finds Out!

Curry Architects Branded Concepts Studio is at the forefront of the latest branding change with a new IHOP location in the northern Virginia area. Curry Architects has been working with Bert House of Ganus Development Services, LLC on the project. Last week the news broke that the venerable breakfast institution, IHOP, was going to rebrand and lose the P for pancakes to a ‘b’ and become IHOb. The nation was abuzz with speculation on what the b could stand for, with many assuming that breakfast
was the obvious transition. Later, it was announced that IHOP would be introducing a new line of burgers to its menu and new name would be International House of Burgers. While Curry Architects Branded Concepts Studio started plans for an IHOP, they are just as hungry to design for burgers as they are for pancakes and the team is always excited to work with an international brand as it makes big changes.